Adding a Shared SAU Mailbox to your iPhone or iPad

  1. On your iOS device, go to Settings
  2. Touch Mail

  3. Touch Accounts

  4. Touch Add Accounts

  5. Touch Other

  6. Touch Add Mail Account

  7. Type the name of the shared mailbox
    Type the email address of the shared mailbox
  8. Enter YOUR email password
  9. Enter a description of the shared mailbox account
  10. Touch Next

  11. Under Incoming Mail Server, for Host Name, enter
  12. Under Incoming Mail Server, For username, enter
  13. Under Incoming Mail Server, Password should be filled in with the password you entered in Step 9 above

  14. Under Outgoing Mail Server, for Host Name enter
  15. Under Outgoing Mail Server for Username enter
  16. Under Outgoing Mail Server for Username enter your SAU password
  17. Touch Next

  18. Touch Save

  19. Go to the Mail App and refresh it to see the Shared Mailbox email
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