ID Card Policy: Main Campus

Normal life span for an SAU ID card is 3 years, depending on frequency of use. If an ID card is damaged through normal wear and tear, a replacement is provided free of charge. To receive a new card, the student will bring the broken card to the help desk. Information Services Services will take the old card and issue a new one. If Technology Services staff concludes the card has been abused, the student will be charged $25 for a replacement.

If a card is damaged through normal wear and tear or a police report is presented, there is no replacement fee.

In either of the cases above, if the original card is not returned the issue number must be increased by one increment. If the original card is returned, the issue number does not need to change. This is for security purposes.

If a hole is punched in the card but does not contribute to any problems (damage, magnetic stripe, etc.) no fee is required.

Staff No fee
Student Card is obviously vandalized $25
Student The card is broken in half and the user does not have the other half $25
Student The card has a hole punched through the magnetic stripe and will not work $25
Student The card has a hole punched in it but the hole does not prevent the card from working No fee
Student The card is missing $25
Student The card is missing but a police report is given stating that it has been stolen No fee

Text for back of card

A brief summary of the above policy will be printed on the back of temporary cards to ensure students are aware of the regulations governing their use.


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