General Computer Requirements 

Students can purchase a computer from any vendor of choice, however there are minimum and recommended requirements. Below are specifications that will allow any student's computer to still function during the 4-5 years that they are attending SAU. If you have any questions please contact our Information Technology department for further assistance. You can email any questions directly to:

  • Intel i5 or i7 Processor (CPU)
  • 8 GB Memory (RAM) is Required | 16 GB Memory (RAM) is Recommended
  • 256 GB (or higher) SSD Hard Drive
  • Wireless 802.11AC (built-in)
  • Extended Warranty (at least 3 years – longer if possible)

Chrome OS Devices

We strongly discourage the choice of a Chromebook or Chromebox device to serve as a primary computer for students in any programs at Spring Arbor University.  There is some functionality that cannot be had by using a Chrome device.  This is typically related to more complicated functions regarding file processing for courses and additional functionality needed in certain Microsoft Office use cases.  A Chrome device can be helpful as an affordable augmentation to a students resources, but should not be relied upon as the sole computer for course work. 

Requirements for Department of Communication and Media majors


  • MacBook Pro or Air (Digital Media Communication Major with a concentration in Video/Film or Broadcasting need a Macbook Pro)
  • OSX version 10.13 or higher
  • Video/Film majors need 16GB RAM or higher
  • At least 512 GB of Hard Disk space
  • At least a 2 GHz Processor


All Department of Communication and Media majors must subscribe to the Adobe Creative Cloud Software package.  Proficiency with all or some of these tools is expected in the communication field, specifically:  Photoshop, InDesign, Audition, Premiere Pro.  
As of this writing, the subscription length for this package of programs is one year.   Your instructor in your COM TECH (COM 110) course will help you enroll for the first year of your subscription and the cost of the first year will be covered by a COM TECH (COM 110) course fee.  You are responsible for the cost of continuing the subscription through subsequent years.

Have questions? Contact Dorie Shelby, Chair, Department of Communication and Media.

Discounts on Computers, Software, and Mobile Phone Service

Click Here for more information on purchasing Personal Computer Hardware & Software at a discounted rate.

Printer Kiosks

Print all your PDF documents from our labs, by just plugging in your flash drive to the printer! Printer kiosks are located at the following:

  1. Student Life Center
  2. Poling Lobby
  3. Communication Suite
  4. ALL Dorms

New Student ID Card Request

Need to Request an ID Card?

If you are in need of an ID card please fill out the form on this link, please be sure to follow guidelines regarding your pictures format. 

ID Request Form

General Use Computer Labs

Spring Arbor University offers several computer labs that can be used for academic and social purposes.

For special days such as holidays and academic breaks, contact the lab for official hours.

  • White Library Main Lab
  • White Library Quiet Lab
  • Gainey Lab
  • Lowell Lab
  • Athletic Lab
  • Andrews Lab
  • Art Main Lab
  • Art ‘Fish Bowl’ Lab
  • Music Lab
  • Computer Science Lab
  • Trading Center
  • Academic Student Connections Lab
  • Audio Editing Lab

Writing Center

The Writing Center exists to help members of the Spring Arbor University community grow as writers.  In keeping with The Concept, we offer space for students to learn in community by engaging in conversations about all aspects of writing and critical thinking. We fulfill this mission through one-on-one consultations with students, workshops that cover particular subjects, and handouts and other resources to help students with specific questions. The Writing Center website can be accessed here.