AnyConnect VPN Guides

Welcome to AnyConnect VPN.  What this service allows you to do is to operate as though your computer is sitting directly on the SAU network in the office.  This allows you to access services and data that would otherwise be blocked to an outside connection.  


You will need to make sure you have the AnyConnect software installed on your computer.  If you do not have administrative rights to your computer, which is standard security for those who have access to bulk data, you will need to work with SAU IT to ensure this software is setup on your computer.  

Once you have the software installed and you are connected to the internet open the VPN software and enter the VPN address: and click connect.

When prompted use your SAU username and password to secure the connection. 

Thats it!  Once it is securely running you can access your data.  When done simply click the disconnect button and close the AnyConnect program.