Webex and Outlook Integration - Installation and Known Error

Webex can be integrated with Outlook by downloading productivity tools from the webex user dashboard once logged in on arbor.webex.com. 

This tool set allows a user to attach Webex meetings to calendar meetings created in outlook.  


On mac versions of outlook you cannot edit the control ribbon at the top of the outlook window when creating a new calendar appointment.  There is a native webex meeting button that comes standard as part of the outlook application.  This button will not work with SAU accounts.  You must install productivity tools from webex and install that.  Once it is installed there will be 2 buttons.  The button with the gear button paired with it is the original button that does not work.  The productivity tools webex button is on the far right in the picture below and has a small drop down arrow on it.  


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Mon 7/20/20 4:26 PM