Classroom Dell Desktop - Audio not working


Audio is not working from the classroom teaching station dell desktop computer.


  • Is the volume up on the computer?
    • Test sliding the volume control in the bottom right corner to 100.  Do they hear a chime in the room speakers?
      • If No continue down to the following steps
      • If Yes, have them try their video to see if they hear anything.  If still no audio from the video the computer needs to be restarted even though the volume chime works. 
  • Is the audio mixer/amp on?
    • In classrooms with a teaching cart setup there will be a mixer box in the cart that says Atlas or Crown with knobs on it.  Is the power turned on for this box?
    • In older classrooms with a bunker style setup there is a mixer that says Samson at the top of the gear rack.  Does this have any power LED's lit up? (there is not power button for this.). Try turning on the master power switch at the very top of the rack.  Check the amp at the bottom of the rack to see if the power button is pressed (SAMSON device with 2 big volume wheels)
  • Is the volume turned up?
    • Atlas/Crown devices have single volume knobs
    • Bunker racks have master volume sliders on the far right of the mixer as well as individual device volume knobs along the bottom of the mixer.  There are also volume knobs on the amp in the bottom of the rack (Samson amplifier box at bottom of rack)




Article ID: 116293
Wed 9/16/20 1:17 PM