User - Add a User to the Toshiba Printer address book

Anyone is able to add, change, or delete email addresses from the list on Toshiba printers. This allows departments to change or reorder as needed to save time when scanning to email! Toshiba printers have an address book for this purpose. To access it, follow the steps below:

1. Walk to the printer and use the touch screen to get started

2. Click on "User Functions -User-" on the home screen to get started. This usually has a gear icon above it. Sometimes you may need to swipe to the right to see this option.

3. Next, click the "Address" button, then you can see a list of all of the added email addresses. You can touch the line you want to edit and click "setting" to update the info for that line. To add a new entry just click a blank line and press the "setting" or "entry" button. While there is no way to change the order of addresses, you can delete a line, enter the address you want closer to the top, and then add the address you deleted lower in the list.

There is also an option to select and address line and click the "heart" symbol to the left of "all" to favorite the email address. This will allow you to select it faster when looking at your favorite contacts in the scan to email area on the printer.


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