MFA - Multi Factor Authentication

Link to manage MFA settings (if you already have MFA turned on) -

SAU requires MFA for most accounts. If MFA is on for your account, you are asked to enter a code from a text message, phone call, or the Microsoft authenticator app every time you sign in on a new device, multiple locations at the same time, or if you have your login saved on one device for more than 120 days.

MFA may be suddenly turned on for you for a numbers of reasons:

1. Risky activity was detected on your account (You signed in from an unusual or anonymous location). We send emails warning this happened to you if this was the case.

2. You gained access to a bulk email group

3. You changed positions or status at SAU

4. Your account was identified as a high-risk account that a hacker might target

How do I setup MFA?

If it is turned on for your account, you can manage your settings at If it is not but you would like it turned on, you can request access by emailing

To see Microsoft's intro video on MFA and how to set it up, go here:

This is what the screen looks like. For most people, you will just need to enter your cell phone number in for "authentication phone" and choose to receive text messages if you prefer.

Here is a breakdown of each of the options:


1. What is your preferred option? - This allows you to choose how you will normally get an MFA prompt on your device. This could be a text message, a phone call, or entering a code from the Microsoft Authenticator app or Google Authenticator.

2. Authentication Phone - Almost everyone uses their cell phone number for this option

3. Office phone - you can add any phone number here, but most people use their work phone number.

4. Alternate authentication phone - another backup option in case you don't have your cell phone

5. Authenticator app - this allows you to get a code anywhere you have internet access, even if you can't get a phone call or text message. We recomend this for CCS trips or those who travel alot.

Check out this article from Microsoft with a list of common problems and questions about MFA:

If you need help making your MFA setup as easy to use as possible, check out this training guide from BSecure 2021 that has a walk through of some of the features of MFA at SAU. YouTube Link. More information is also available on the BSecure website.




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