Why do I have so many email addresses? Which one is used where?

SAU provides multiple email addresses for every user.

Username - Your username usually looks like ab123456, or jsmith. This is used for logging into computers, logging directly into blackboard (sauonline.arbor.edu), and can be used for the federated login we use for websites (picture of the clocktower). Historically, faculty and staff members were all provided a username that looks like jsmith, but due to the extreme complications with changing someone's username from a "student" username (ab123456) to a "staff" username (jsmith), now all new accounts look like ab123456. This is also more secure and more scalable in SAU's system, and matches industry standard best practice. Your username is also one email address you could use (ab123456@arbor.edu or jsmith@arbor.edu). If you have an email that looks like jsmith, but you started at SAU with a student account that looks like ab123456, you likely still have an email address for both of these.

First and Last - You also have an email address that consists of your first and last name. This is your primary public address, and usually the one others will see when you are sending emails. Some older accounts still use "jsmith@arbor.edu" as their email address. This address looks like john.smith@arbor.edu and is considered your primary email address. If there are multiple people with your name, your primary email address might look like john.smith2@arbor.edu, or john.smith3@arbor.edu. This email address can be used for the federated login we use for websites (picture of the clocktower).

ID Number -  Your SAU ID number is a 6 digit number, and it is used in many internal systems and processes to help identify you. Your ID number is not your email address, and is a private and personally identifiable number that you should treat the same way you would your social security number. This number may be used for password resets, but is not used as an email address or for logging into standard SAU systems.

Which email address is used for which system?

MySAU - Any version of your username or email address

Blackboard site or app - username without the @arbor.edu at the end. For example, you would use jsmith or ab123456.

Box - Any version of your username or email address. Remember when logging into Box drive, you must put in your email address, then click next, then scroll down and choose "sign in with SSO" to be redirected to SAU's login systems

Cisco WebEx - almost always use your first.last email, for example john.smith@arbor.edu

Google - almost always uses username@arbor.edu (jsmith@arbor.edu or ab123456@arbor.edu)

CARS - uses your username (jsmith or ab123456) plus a unique password you would have created for it

Cisco Duo VPN - uses your username email (jsmith@arbor.edu or ab123456@arbor.edu)

Oracle websites (new ERP) - Oracle is designed to use your federated login, so it should accept any form of your email address. Most of the time you need to click something like "domain logn," "SSO Login," or "Azure login" to actually see these options.

Zoom - if you created a personal zoom account then it would be whatever email address you used. If you were provide a pro account for teaching, you need to do two things. First, the company domain is sau.zoom.us. If you go to the website sau.zoom.us and click login, you will be redirected to SAU's main login page and you can use any version of your email address and your SAU password. If you go directly to the zoom website (zoom.us) you must click login, then click "sign in with SSO" at the bottom, then you will be redirected to SAU's main login page and you can use any version of your email address and your SAU password

Slack - Slack usually used first.lastname@arbor.edu, and a password you would've created when you setup Slack.



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