srFax (eFax)

SAU uses SRFax to send and receive faxes at SAU. This allows us to send and receive faxes to or from an email address rather than using a traditional fax machine. IT must manually add you to this system, you cannot use this system without being setup in it

How to send a fax with SRfax

In this example, the fax number you want to send a fax to is 517-750-1234

1. From your email, send an email to SRfax will accept your email and forward it and any attachments on your email to the fax number you include in the "To:" field in your email.

You must change the number in the example to match whatever number you are sending to. If you want to send a fax to 1-517-750-4321, you would send an email to

How to receive a fax

Faxes will be automatically delivered to your email


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