How to Delete Saved Blackboard Collaborate Videos

  1. In your computer browser, navigate to your course. From the left hand menu under Course Management, click on the Course Tools drop down menu and then select Blackboard Collaborate Ultra.
  2. Wait for the Collaborate page to load fully, and then click on the Menu  icon in the top left of the content area. A list of menu options should appear.
  3. Click on the Recordings  tab, a list of your recorded videos should appear. If you do not see your videos, you may have to adjust the Filter in the top right to the date it was recorded. 
  4. Find the video you would like to delete, and to the far right you should see an Options  button. Select it, and from the drop down menu click on Delete  .
  5. A prompt will come up asking if you are certain you’d like to delete the recording. If this is the case, click Yes, Delete It.
  6. Your video has been successfully deleted.


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Wed 2/24/21 1:26 PM
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