Setup/Configure New Tera Term Pro, with Keyboard File Configuration

  1. Copy folder from \\fileserver\comp\New TeraTerm Pro\Mark's Tterm files
  2. There is a folder within called tterm keyb
  3. Copy that fold to the Downloads folder on the machine.
  4. Once it is in the Downloads folder copy the files within that folder to:
  5. C:\Program Files (x86)\teraterm
  6. When you paste them, it will ask you if you want to update all the files you copied, check the tick box and click Ok.


Now open Tera Term

On the Task bar where it says type here to search type Tera Term.

It will come up with Tera Term New Connection. Change the server address to

Click Okay

There will be another screen asking if you want to add that server address to Tera Term.

Check that tick box and click Next.

The SSH Authentication screen will come up:

Type in the user id and the CARS password.  (If new person who has never been in CARS before, type in the this1stemp password Mark set and then click OK, it will ask for a new password, as you type that new password the cursor will not move! If it fails to change the password the temp password is still active. Try again)

Open the Setup Menu once you are logged into CARS

Go to Window, Select Background, slid the B slider on that screen to the right and the background will turn Blue.

Click Okay.

Go Into Settings and select Font.

Select Lucida Console, select font size 14 or 16 makes it easier to read.

Click OK.

Go to Settings.

Go to TCP/IP.

Term type needs to be vt100-mm.

Click OK.

Go to Settings.

Select Additional Settings.

Select Cygwin at the top.


TERM_TYPE needs to be vt100-mm.

Click OK.

Click Setup one more time.

Save Setup.

Save to Default location.

If you didn’t move the keyboard files at the beginning, you will need to move them now and close out of Tera Term, and re launch Tera Term.

Sign in to CARS.

Hold down the FN Key and Press the lock key at the top left hand corner of the Dell L35XX keyboard.

Now you  should be able to use F1, your number pad and arrow keys.

Pin Tera Term to the Task Bar (right mouse click the item and Pin to Task bar)


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