Setup your phone on WebEx teams on a Mac

For most staff and faculty at SAU, if you have a 4 digit phone number assigned to you you are able to make phone calls in WebEx teams through your laptop whether you are on or off campus. Follow these steps to set it up!

1. Make sure you are on the latest version of WebEx, a screenshot of the current WebEx icon is below:

2. Make sure you are in the "WebEx" app, not "WebEx Meetings"

3. Login to WebEx if you are not already logged in. WebEx uses your normal MySAU email address and password, but you need to use your email address that looks like

Now that you are signed into WebEx you need to sign in to phone services

4. Click on WebEx in the top left corner of the screen, click preferences, and then click phone services

5. Click on the phone services tab, and then sign in on that screen! You need to use your username (it looks like ab123456 or jsmith). Once you are signed in, this screen should look like this:

6. Once you are signed in test making a phone call from your computer. You can call anyone at their 4 digit extension, or you can test by calling your cell phone or someone you know. Remember to dial a "9 and then 1" before the area code, just like on an SAU deskphone.





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Fri 9/24/21 9:20 AM
Fri 9/24/21 9:20 AM