Course Introduction Image

Getting Started

In your web browser, go to Canva's website. Log into your account by selecting log in in the top right. 

In the left menu, select SAU eLearning’s team and then Templates from the horizontal menu.

Select Intro Image Template or Blended Intro Image Template and then Use this template. The Blended Template is used for blended courses where weeks are divided into online and blended. 

Editing the Template

A new design will be created named “Copy of Intro Image Template.” Change this name if you wish by selecting the text in the top right. 

There will be separate pages for each week of the course. If you need more pages, scroll to the bottom to Week 7 and duplicate the page using the duplicate  button. Double click the week number and replace the 7 with any additional numbers you need. If you are using the Blended Template, make sure each week is labeled correctly. If you need to change the order of the pages, select the arrows next to the duplicate button.

To find stock photos for each week, select the Elements tab in the left vertical menu, enter what you’d like to find in the search bar, and hit enter. It will search for all Canva elements, so be sure to just select Photos in the horizontal menu. 

Once you’ve found a photo you like, click and drag it from the list and place it on the cartoon landscape filler photo. It should conform to the frame automatically. Please note that some elements to the left of the frame may interfere with the placement of your stock photo. Hold down the mouse button over the filler image until you see a preview of the stock photo in the frame, and then release. 

Double click the photo in the frame to adjust the crop. Click and drag the photo to adjust and click off the page or select Done. Repeat these steps for each week. 

When you are ready to export, select the Download button in the top right. Make sure PNG is selected in the first drop down menu, the size is 1, and Transparent Background and Compress file are not selected. 

If you would like to export all of your weeks at once, keep the All pages option in the bottom drop down menu selected. Otherwise, use the menu to elect what weeks you would like to export. A zipped file will be downloaded when you select multiple weeks.

Deploying the Images

Now that our images are done, navigate to the course you wish to place them in. In the Introduction content area of each week (which should be formatted with a placeholder image), open the Edit menu. Click to move your text cursor to the end of the body text.

Select the add content button and then Insert Local Files. In the file window that opens, navigate to the intro image you want to place and select it. The newly placed image should appear large at the bottom of the text. Select this image and right click it. Select image. In the Source box, highlight all of the text and copy it. Close the Insert/edit image window.

Delete the image you just placed. Select the remaining placeholder image to the left of the body text and right click it. Select image. In this Source box, paste the URL from the previous image and set the image width to 255. Select Save.

If done correctly, the placeholder image should be replaced with the one you created while still being left justified to the body text. Repeat these steps in each week of the course.


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