Sign out of Office on MacOS (new Outlook version 2021)

Sometimes it can be helpful to log out and back into Outlook on MacOS when troubleshooting a problem with Outlook or with your Account. This setup guide provides steps for that! This guide is specific to the "new" version of Outlook for MacOS that was launched in 2021, but the steps are similar for the "old" version of Outlook for MacOS.

1. Open up the Outlook Preferences menu

2. Click on "Accounts" in the preferences menu

3. Click on the account you want to remove (should be highlighted blue) and then click the minus to remove it

4. Click "Sign out" in the prompt that appears

5. Completely "quit" out of Outlook and then open it again. You can right click (or two-finger click on a trackpad) on the app icon and then select quit.

6. When you reopen Outlook, go back to the same accounts area in the preferences menu and use the "+" to sign back in!


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Mon 2/28/22 10:33 AM
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