Send a fax from an SAU printer

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Any SAU printer with scan to email features can be used to send a fax while on SAU's network, but you cannot receive responses to your fax. While a need to fax a document is rare, sometimes a student, staff, or faculty member may need to send a fax for school or personal business. Please see the disclaimers at the bottom of this article before using this service.

On a Toshiba printer

To send a fax using scan to email:

1. Make sure you know the number you need to fax to, for this example we will assume you are trying to send a fax to 517-750-1234

2. Load your document on the glass scanning tray or top feeder tray of the printer. If you need to send more than one page you should use the tray on top of the printer.

3. Select the "scan" option on the screen of the printer

4. Select "Email" on the next screen

5. Select the keyboard button (looks like a rubik's cube) to type in a new email address

6. Type in the destination fax number, make sure to add a "1" (the country code, it may be different if you are sending a fax outside of the United States) at the beginning and do not include any dashes or parentheses. Then add after the number. See the screenshot below to understand the format. It should look like ""

7. Press "OK" and then the green button with diamond to scan and send your document. You should see/hear the printer pull in your document and start scanning it.

8. Once your document is scanned, press "job finish" to send your document.

9. If you did everything correctly, you should see a small pop-up in the bottom left corner that says "sending email"

Keep in mind that this system will not alert you if you mistype the fax number, or if the line is busy and it cannot be delivered. The system will try to send the fax three times if the line is busy. If it is critical that this fax is sent successfully you should check with the recipient to ensure it arrives, SAU is not responsible for the delivery of your fax. The fax will arrive at the destination from the number (833) 457-1684.

This system is secure, FERPA and HIPPA compliant, and is available for all current faculty, staff, and students. SAU is not responsible for the successful delivery of your fax, and if it is critical that this fax is sent you should check in with the recipient to make sure they receive your fax. SAU is also not responsible for the security of the recipient's fax machine or internal systems. SAU is not responsible or able to recover the fax if you accidentally send a fax to the wrong number. If you need help, please email or give us a call at 517-750-1234. If you need to check and see if a fax was delivered, you can submit a ticket using the email address above. Please include the destination fax number so we can look it up for you.


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