Temporary or Guest Account

Please download, print, sign and email the linked form to request access to a temporary account. If you are on campus already and trying to complete this form, stop by the helpdesk if you need assistance and we can help you print the document and use a copier to send the completed document back to your email account. You are also welcome to take a photo of the completed document and send it via email on your phone, or  you can drop the document off at the helpdesk and they can create a ticket for you.

Temporary Account Request Form

This form is intended for an approved person to request a temporary account for access to Spring Arbor University systems. This is not a standard procedure, and is subject to approval from the Information Technology team and other relevant parties based on the needed access. An example of a person like this would be a vendor, partner, auditor, or guest that requires access to a system. Please complete this form, sign it, and email it to helpdesk@arbor.edu with the subject line of “Temporary Account Request.” This email should be sent from the requestor’s email account in order to facilitate secure sharing of temporary credentials for the account.  Submitting this form does not guarantee you access to a temporary account. By signing and submitting this form, you are agreeing to follow all the terms and conditions of the Spring Arbor University acceptable use policy while using this account, which is available here:



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