OneDrive or Dropbox at SAU

SAU only fully supports Box and a trial instance of Google Drive for backing up your department or work files at SAU in the cloud. SAU does not support DropBox, OneDrive, iCloud, or other cloud storage solutions for staff and faculty, but we generally do not block access to any alternate solutions as it could limit sharing options for students and for files provided to staff or faculty from an external source. A staff or faculty member using a cloud storage solution that is not approved by SAU to hold institutional data is in violation of SAU's acceptable use policy. A staff or faculty member using Box or Google Drive under a personal email account to hold institutional data is also in violation of SAU's acceptable use policy. While there is nothing wrong with using these services personally, SAU focuses resources on only a couple cloud storage services so that we can support them well and stay in compliance with external requirements. DropBox and OneDrive are restricted from being installed on SAU devices, and OneDrive may not function at all with an SAU account under some circumstances. This allows us to manage security, data loss prevention, backup procedures, and general supportability for these two applications. If you have questions on cloud storage or need more assistance please reach out via a ticket! We are happy to provide training or help you migrate your data if you need help.


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Mon 9/12/22 10:04 AM
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