Setup a SAU Printer on your personal or SAU-owned MacOS computer

For Faculty or Staff on an SAU-owned Computer and for Students

Follow the below steps to add a printer on SAU's network to your Apple computer

  1. Identify the printer (find the name, and "brand" of the printer from the labels on the printer)
  2. Download the appropriate driver
    1. Download Toshiba Drivers for MacOS (Color printer)
    2. Download Toshiba Drivers for MacOS (Black and White printer or Library "big" Printers)
    3. Download Lexmark Drivers
      • M3150 (Most small Lexmark printers in the dorms or elsewhere are this model)
      • Universal Driver (All other Lexmark printers)
    4. Download Sharp Drivers (old printers, not used on main campus)
    5. Download Canon Drivers (any SAU Canon printer)
      1. Keep in mind that Canon does not provide a "universal print driver" so Canon brand printers are the most complex type of printer to add on an Apple Device. You must know the model of the printer you are adding to find the correct driver. Most Canon printers SAU uses are "LBP 1238 II" (smaller printer) or "LBP351dn" (medium sized printers)
  3. Install the downloaded driver
  4. Go the Apple Menu and select “System Preferences”
  5. Click the “Print & Scan” icon
  6. Click the “+” in the bottom left corner of the dialog box
  7. Click the “IP” Globe tab (Center tab at top of "Add Printer" window)

  8. For Address, enter (for example or
    1. If that address doesn't work use the printers IP address. Open terminal application (this can be found in the utilities folder under applications or by searching for terminal in the search bar)  type "ping".  This will return a readout of data.  The ip address will be something like  Put this number in the ip address bar.
  • Please note if you use the terminal application for CARS access you will need to change your terminal window before doing the ping
    • click on shell > hover over new window > select "basic" from the list. This should open a basic terminal window to type the ping test.
  1. For Protocol, select Line Printer Daemon
  2. For Queue, enter the name of the printer (lowlab, andlab, ...).
    1. View all the printer names here.
  3. For Name enter the name of the printer (ex. lowlab, andlab, or gaineylabprinter)
  4. For Location enter text so that you know where the printer is located
  5. For Use select “Select Software”
  6. If it does not automatically select a driver, or if it says "generic postscript driver" then you need to select the specific driver. Type part of the model number of the printer you need to add and then select it. The model number is usually on the front of the printer. You always need to do this step with Canon printers.
  7. Click the “OK” button
  8. Click the “Add” button


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