Setting up Holton Health staff for PyraMED

One Time Setup per computer

This has to be done on each machine that scans

  1. Download 
  2. Extract the zip file
  3. Double-click the setup file in the main folder
  4. Agree to the license agreement
  5. Click Scan Utility
  6. Click the Install button. Wait for everything to install
  7. When the installation is done, click the Finish button
  8. Click the Exit button
  9. Click Yes to close the Toshiba installer
  10. Download and install TSScan
  11. Download and install TSPrint  
  12. Log into Pyramed
  13. Select Scanner
  15. Click the “Manual Selection” button. The Manual Selection window opens

  16. Enter the IP address of the printer. This is provided by Information Services (
  1. Enter the name of the printer. This is provided by Information Services.
  2. Enter the location of the printer. This is provided by Information Services
  3. Click the OK Button. You should now see the printer listed on the Local Discovery window. (HHC will show)

  4. Click on the OK button
  5. Download TS Scan from the web (only needs to be done once)
  6. Install TS Scan (only needs to be done once)



Scanning Pages

  1. On Printer:
  2. Tap “scan”
  3. Tap “e-filing”
  4. Tap “Box/Folder”
  5. Tap “Public Box”
  6. Tap OK
  7. Tap Document Name
  8. Enter the student’s name
  9. Tap OK
  10. Tap OK
  11. Tap Scan
  12. Scan document
  13. Go to computer
  14. Log into PyraMED
  15. Locate the student
  16. Click Images
  17. Right-click on top area
  18. Select New Patient Image
  19. Click the “Select Scanner” button
  20. Select “TSScan”
  21. Click “Select”
  22. Click “Scan”
  23. This is the screen that comes up when using TWAIN.  It is looking for documents scanned into our e-file feature.
  24. Double-click on Public Box. You will see the files that you have scanned into the Public Box.
  25. Click on the ones you want to import.
  26. Click the Acquire button.


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