Activate Your Account

Follow these steps to activate your MySAU account:

  1. Go to
  2. Click the New Student Account Activation link on the left-hand side under the blue Welcome bar
  3. Enter the information as prompted (example: SAU ID number and last name)
  4. Click Continue to step 2
  5. Enter a new challenge question and answer
  6. Click Continue to step 3
  7. Read the Student Agreement
  8. Complete the Student Agreement form
  9. Click the [I Agree] button
  10. Complete the financial aid electronic authorization form
  11. Note new username and password displayed on the screen
  12. Wait at least 24 hours then use your username and password to login MySAU
  13. Click the Reset Password link
  14. Follow the instructions displayed on the screen to change your system-assigned password to something easier to remember


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