Connecting a Chromebox to a Projector

Symptom of this problem

The image displayed on the monitor in the teaching bunker is being cut-off on the projector screen.


The computer in the teaching bunker is connected to the main output on the video splitter


The video “out” from the Chromebox runs to a video splitter which duplicates the signal to both the monitor at the teaching bunker and the projector. In the video splitter, there is a main output and a secondary output. The projector’s VGA cable needs to be plugged into the main output (output 1) on the duplicator. See the
steps below.

Step 1. Locate the VGA Duplicator in the cart. Typically, it is a small grey or black box with 3 VGA (15 pin computer video cable) cables connected to the back.

Step 2. Locate the video cables on the back. One is the video input from the Chromebox and the other two are outputs to the monitor and projector. Typically, but not always, the Projector output is a large black VGA connection and the monitor cable is often a smaller colored VGA.

Step 3. Disconnect the two output cables but leave the input cable from the Chromebox connected so you can see the two outputs and their labels.

Step 4. With the two output cables disconnected, follow one of the cables to its destination by sliding your hand on the cable or closely viewing where it goes. If the cable runs up to the monitor on top of the cart it is the monitor feed. If it runs out of the cart and into the snake/wall feed it is the projector feed.

Step 5. With the cables correctly identified, connect the projector VGA cable to output 1 on the box.

Step 6. Connect the monitor feed to output 2. Make sure you do not disconnect the input cable or
the power cable.

Step 7. Turn off the Chromebox completely by pressing and holding the power button on the

Step 8. Turn the Chromebox back on .It is now primarily communicating with the projector through output 1 and you should see the full image on the




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