Campus Public and Dorm Printers Names and Locations


Printer Name

Printer Model

Maintenance ID

Andrews Hall - computer lab andlab Lexmark M3150N P4005
CougarDen SLClab Lexmark M3150N P4004
Field House - lab peclab Lexmark M3150N P4011
Gainey Hall - Comp Lab 3rd Floor gainlab Lexmark M3150N P3697
Library - ILL Student Workroom lblasa HPLaserJet 4100n P1729
Library - Main Lab Left LIBLABLEFT e‐STUDIO 5508A 217877
Library - Lab Left LibUp2 Sharp AR-M550N C4403
Library ‐ Lower Level LibLow1 e‐STUDIO 3508A 217893
Library - Lower level student lab lblas5 Lexmark M3150N P3696
Library - Quiet Lab



Lexmark TS654DN P3668
Library ‐ Unit 1 LibUp1 e‐STUDIO 5508A 217877
Lowell Hall - Comp Lab lowlab Lexmark M3150N P3693
Muffit Lower Lobby muflob Lexmark M3150N P3680
Music Lab 2nd floor mulas Lexmark M3150N P4057
Ormston Hall ormlob Lexmark M3150N P3679
Poling Center - Lobby area pollob Lexmark M3150N P4058
Whiteman-Gibbs - Comp Lab wglab Lexmark M3150N P4008



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