Troubleshooting steps for WiFi

Common WiFi troubleshooting steps that can help your connection on campus.

1. Make sure you are connecting to the network "SAU-Students" if you are on campus. Be sure to "forget" the other networks (SAU-Guest or SAU-Staff) from your device if you have connected to them before. These two networks will work most of the time, but they are meant for special situations and not designed for everyone to connect to them.

2. Try turning the WiFi off and back on for your device. This can refresh your settings, as well as allowing your device to reconnect to the closest wireless access point

3. Try rebooting your device. Sometimes bad WiFi settings can cause problems and a reboot can fix them. If you rarely or never restart your device now might be a good time to give that a try.

4. Make sure that your device has all of the latest system updates. You can usually search for "updates" on your device and see if there are any that need to be installed.

5. Try connecting to the WiFi in a different room or building, does it work for you then? If so, the problem is more likely to be with the WiFi in the area that you are in. Let us know so we can get that fixed!


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