Resolution issues - Old Projectors New Dell Machines (sp 2019)

Some of the oldest projector units in our classrooms do not immediately conform to the new Dell computer installed at the beginning of 2019.  These projector units are typically the rectangular large gray units.  Model numbers include X300, X400, X490, and X500.  To resolve this issue follow these steps:

  • Open the display settings
  • Change the resolution to 1024*768
  • Open the advanced display settings
  • Open display properties
  • click on the monitor tab
  • change the refresh rate to 70Hz


  • This will allow the projector to start receiving the image
  • This will also cause the image to be stretched across the monitor
  • the monitor settings can be adjusted to allow for the aspect to be 4:3 which will prevent the image from being skewed on the monitor


Article ID: 71884
Tue 2/12/19 2:11 PM