I forgot my user name. Can you give it to me?

If you have forgotten your user name you can get your user name by calling the helpdesk.  Remember this is not your ID number, your user name is what you use to login to SAU services, your ID number is your 6 digit number specific to you.  It will be entirely different from your user name. 

You can reach the helpdesk at 517-750-1234.  When you do so you will be asked to provide additional information to prove your identification.  If you cannot provide all the necessary information our technicians cannot provide your information over the phone.  The first information required will be your ID number.  

If you do not know your ID number here is an article explaining our legal limitations and how you can go about retrieving your ID number: "I forgot my ID number"


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Tue 9/17/19 8:34 PM
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