SAU Technology Projects

Here are overviews of the major technology projects currently underway at SAU.

This list is not comprehensive, but should demonstrate the significant amount of change and progress happening in SAU technology.

 In Progress

Network Rebuild Summary

Purpose: Completely rebuild SAU wired and wireless computer network.

Benefits: Bring modern and robust wired and wireless network to SAU.

Timeline: Summer 2017 through Winter 2018

Completion: 50% 

Read more about the Network Rebuild Here.


  Close to Completion

Implement RAVE Emergency Notifications

Purpose: Being true emergency notification system to SAU

Benefits: Targeted notification abilities

Timeline: Summer and Fall 2017

Completed: 70%


Implement TeamDynamix

Purpose: Replace previous Help Desk ticketing solution with full service management platform

Benefits: Self-service resources now available to SAU community to solve technical problems. Easy problem reporting and service request tracking.

Timeline: Summer 2017

Completion: 90%

Implement DeepFreeze Cloud

Project Purpose: Manage public Windows computer on SAU main campus

Project Benefits: Reduce number of servers, increase robustness of service

Timeline: Summer 2017

Completed: 95%

Implement Microsoft Endpoint Projection

Purpose: Protect SAU-managed computers from viruses

Benefits: Cost-savings

Timeline: Summer 2017

Completed: 100%

Implement JAMF Cloud

Purpose: Manage SAU-owned Macs

Benefits: Reduce number of servers, increase reliability of service

Timeline: Summer 2017

Completion: 100%