WiFi Help

The SAU Information Technology team supports a modern, fast, and robust WiFi network. If you are having problems getting or staying connected we can help you, and we want to know you are having issues!

If you are having trouble, you can create a ticket and let us know by emailing helpdesk@arbor.edu. If you want to directly submit a ticket without going through an email, click here!

If you think the problem might be with your device and not with the WiFi, you can check some help tips here. If none of these help you, let us know and we can work with you to make sure you can connect well wherever you are at on campus.

If you think your issue might be part of a bigger problem or outage, you can check our status page at https://status.arbor.edu. As soon as we are aware of an issue we post an update here so that everyone can know where we are at and when the problem will be fixed.


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