I'm having trouble logging in

 If you are having trouble logging in the first place to start is the mysau portal:


Once at the portal, if you have not gone this route yet, try logging in.  If you are unable to login here the first step to try is to clear cache and cookies.  This is a user guide that you can use depending on the browser you use:


If you clear cache and are still unable to login the next step would be to use the reset password and view username link on the left side of the mysau portal home page.  This will prompt you to enter some information to verify your identity after which it will provide you a temporary password.  I encourage users to write this down or save it to word document on the computer before leaving the page.  Once you have it safe somewhere try logging into the mysau portal again.  If that works, you may want to just save that system generated password somewhere safe for the long term (the word doc is not a good long term safe point, we encourage using a free password service like Lastpass or just memorization).  

If you would prefer to move to a personal password you can then use the change password link on the left side of the mysau portal homepage.  This will ask for your user name, the current system generated password, and what new password you want to use.  Please note the password rules:

  • it must be at least 12 characters long
  • have at least 1 upper and lower case letter
  • have at least 1 number
  • have at least 1 symbol
  • CAN NOT be a password previously used on SAU systems
  • CAN NOT include parts of your name
  • CAN NOT include any 2 characters that appear side by side in your user name (ex. if your user name is ab123456; you cannot have “ab” or “34” in your password)

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