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Do you have a classroom or lab in need of technology hardware or redesign? Submit your information here with the Academic Technology Request Form.

Ethernet ports in residence rooms can be turned on to allow for the fastest Internet speeds.

***Please include either the number displayed on the port or a picture of the port in this ticket***

Install Authenticator for Android, scan the QR code on the Left. Install Authenticator for iPhone, scan the QR code on the Right.

If you need repair on AV elements that are not Classroom elements use this form. This may include elements such as message boards, background music systems, and general TVs/theater spaces, etc..

Report an issue with a Blackboard Course using the form on this page.

Request Assistance with Box

Submit requests for support here.

Submit Financial Aid Service Requests here

Submit CARS Payroll incident and service requests here.

Teaching Bunkers, Projectors, A/V Equipment