Guidelines for Recording Videos

You might need to record a video for class. Keep the following in mind before and while you record.


  • Select a quiet, well-lit environment preferably during daylight hours. Make sure that your face is easily visible in the video preview. 
  • Make sure to communicate with others to not interrupt while you record. 
  • Test your microphone in your recording software to ensure you can be heard clearly and that the correct audio device is selected.
  • While you are recording, be sure to look directly into the webcam as often as possible to keep the viewer engaged. You may glance at a script or outline if you choose to have one.
  • You do not have to stop the recording and start over when a mistake is made. Just pause for a moment, collect your thoughts, and try the last portion again. These mistakes can be edited out after recording.
  • If you have to make multiple recordings, rename the files in what order they go in. 


If you aren’t able to record with a computer, please refer to the At Home Recording Tutorial video to see how to record with your smartphone. But if further edits need to be made, please upload the files to your Box account and share them with whoever is editing your video.


If you are happy with your video and don’t need edits, feel free to upload it to your personal YouTube channel and share it. For instructions on how to do this, see the related articles:



Also, if your video is long or has sections that you would like to separate in the progress bar, please see the Google article How to Create Chapters in YouTube Videos. This will make it clear to your viewers where different sections are located in your video. 


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