Printing at SAU

Landing page for printing instructions.

This page has an overview of how to add printers at SAU, and how they work!

How to add a printer to your device:

Add a printer on any Apple computer: link (Open this article on the device you want to add the printer on as it has links to a download you will need)

Add a printer on any Windows Computer: link

How to get help

Helpdesk can help you with adding or removing a printer, or troubleshooting basic printing issues. You can call us at 517-750-1234. If you are having trouble with a driver or with specialty printing, we recommend you submit a ticket by emailing so your request can be routed directly to someone that can assist. If there is a physical issue with the printer then you need to reach out to our print vendor directly so they can work with you to resolve the issue. This would be an issue like a repeating paper jam, issues with toner or delivery, an error message on the screen of the printer you should reach out to the vendor for support. Our print vendors can also help with speciality printing needs, like printing labels, envelopes, or through the bypass tray.


Print Vendors

SAU has three different print vendors, and each of them has different ways to contact them.

AOS Printers - these have a red tag on them that says AOS. This tag has an ID that AOS will need to lookup the printer when you call. Their number is labeled on the sticker.

Canon - Canon printers don't come with any branded tags, but if the printer is a Canon brand printer it is very likely on this support contract. They need the serial number (labeled on the front or side of the printer) in order to contact them by phone. Their support number is labeled on the printer by us and it is 800-355-1385

Toshiba - Toshiba printers have a large Toshiba sticker on them, and they have an "ID" and phone number to call for support on that sticker.




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