Request a SAU ID Card

This service allows a SAU user to request a Photo ID Card. For STUDENTS, the first replacement Photo ID Card is free. Additional Photo ID Cards can be purchased for $25 each. FACULTY & STAFF are not charged for replacements. Use this service to request an initial or replacement Photo ID Card of the following types:

  1. Main Campus (Student, Faculty or Staff)
  2. Regional Site (Student, Faculty or Staff)
  3. Arena Club
  4. Spouse or Dependent
  5. Vendor or Contractor
  6. Volunteer
  7. Retiree

If you would like to upload a photo to use on your Photo ID Card, please attach it to the ticket. You must stay within these suggested guidelines or you will be asked for another photo:

  1. Photo should be shoulders and chest up
  2. No hats or sunglasses
  3. No gestures
  4. Photo must have a solid color background, preferably light colors. (No photos outdoors, etc.)
  5. Photo format should be .JPEG or .JPG
  6. Do not take a picture of another ID card photo (such as taking a picture of your drivers license)

If you have any questions at all, please reach out to our User Support team at or call 517-750-1234.

Request ID Card


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