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Accounts, ID Cards, Guest Door Access

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Your SAU username must be:
Be a minimum length of twelve (12) characters on all systems.
• Contains at least one (1) number, one (1) upper case letter, (1) one lower case letter, and one (1) special
character (@%&*).
• May not use any 2 or more consecutive letter combination appearing in your user-name (ex. Username
JDoe may not use jd in the password)
• Not be identical to the previous ten (10) passwords.

Click on Services Below to find help with your SAU password.

ID cards use Blackboard Transact to enable dorm access and meal purchasing among other abilities.

Your SAU ID Number is 6 numbers and should NOT be shared.

Conference Services-specific service requests are found here

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Rave Emergency Alert access

If you do not have access to Rave Emergency Alert notifications, please complete this form.