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Academic Technology Request

Do you have a classroom or lab in need of technology hardware or redesign? Submit your information here with the Academic Technology Request Form.

Activate a Wall Port

Ethernet ports in residence rooms can be turned on to allow for the fastest Internet speeds.

***Please include either the number displayed on the port or a picture of the port in this ticket***

Activate Your SAU Account

Your SAU username is used to access the MySAU Portal, email, Blackboard, Box, and many SAU other systems

Adobe Acrobat Reader DC


Apple Computers

Request Support of an Apple computer


Assistance with MFA (Multi Factor Authentication)


AV Equipment Checkout Form

Reserve AV Equipment for checkout.
Please allow 1 week advance notice to reserve your equipment.

AV Event Request

Request AV Support for an event.
Please allow 2 weeks notice.

AV Repair

If you need repair on AV elements that are not Classroom elements use this form. This may include elements such as message boards, background music systems, and general TVs/theater spaces, etc..

AV Support

If you are seeking MTI assistance for training on AV equipment or you want support on a project or installation click here.


Blackboard Course Issues

Report an issue with a Blackboard Course using the form on this page.


BOX Requests

Request Assistance with Box


Can't Activate Your SAU Account?

Can't Login? Request Help

If you are unable to log into your SAU Network account, request help here.

CARS - Advancement

Submit requests for support here.

CARS - Billing

CARS - Financial Aid

Submit Financial Aid Service Requests here


CARS - Payroll

Submit CARS Payroll incident and service requests here.

CARS - Registrar and Student

CARS - Statements



Classroom / Lab Support and Repair

Teaching Bunkers, Projectors, A/V Equipment

Course Approval Sign-Off Form

This is the official approval form to be submitted by the Academic Director (Department Chair, Program Director or Dean) who has oversight over curriculum.

Course Improvement Suggestion

Use this form to suggest an improvement for your course.


Data Warehouse / Data Cube

Use this service for requests related to the SAU Data Warehouse / Data Cube

Dorm Phone Request

Request a phone in your dorm room



EDExpress for Windows

The EDExpress software is a PC application that processes, packages and manages Title IV student financial aid records. The U.S. Department of Education (ED) provides EDExpress to post-secondary educational institutions that participate in its Electronic Data Exchange (EDE) process.

eLearning Documentation Request

The Documentation Request form determines the necessity and prioritizes the creation of documentation for the eLearning team, subject matter experts, lead faculty, instructors, and students.

Email Delivery Issues

Not receiving email? Use this form to submit a ticket.

Email Security Services

Need an email address whitelisted? Need to report a SAU account for SPAMMING?



Feith is our document imaging solution.

Financial Aid Portal Assistance (SFP)

If you are needing help with the financial aid portal you can request help from SAU IT

Forgot your password? Reset it.

Forgot your SAU ID Number?

Use this form when you have forgotten your six digit SAU ID Number.

Forward a Staff member's email address

Use this form to request that a staff member's email address be forwarded


General IT Request

Need some help from SAU IT? Submit your request here.

Google Earth


HP, Lexmark, and Sharp Printers

HP, Lexmark, and Sharp Printers are supported by AOS


IT Change Request


Java JDK


Loaner Windows Laptop

Request a loaner Windows laptop for a specific duration.



Media Transfers

Request Transfer of Media from one format to another. Such as VHS to DVD or Cassette tape to MP3 file.



Microsoft EndPoint Protection Anti-Virus

Microsoft Endpoint Protection protects SAU computers from viruses and malware.

Microsoft Office 2010 and 2016

Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, and Word installed on SAU computers


Need Help with an Access Database application?

Need help with Software? Submit a Ticket

Need help with a software program? Submit a ticket.


Online/Blended Course Development Request

This form must be completed by the Dean, Program Director, Department Chair or Lead Faculty for any course development to be initiated.

Oracle Support

Find help with using Oracle.

Other Supported Hardware

SAU supports a wide variety of other hardware.



Projector Maintenance


Rave Emergency Alert access

If you do not have access to Rave Emergency Alert notifications, please complete this form.

Report a Desk Phone Problem

Try un-plugging and re-plugging the phone first.

Report a problem with your ID Card

Report a problem with your ID Card related to Meals in the DC or opening a door

Report a wired or wireless network outage

Use this form to report a wired or wireless network outage.

Request a change to the MySAU Portal

Report an error or request additional access to MySAU

Request a Student ID Card

Request a Virtual Desktop Account

Request a web site be unblocked by the web content filter

If a web site has been mistakenly blocked by the SAU web content filter, use this form to request the site be whitelisted.

Request Access to Another Mailbox

If you, or someone else, needs access to an email mailbox besides your/their own, use this form to request that access.

Request an Arena Club Card

Request an Arena Club Card

Request Door / Building Access for a Group

Room (Resource) Calendars

Conference Rooms and various vehicles at SAU are reserved using Room (Resource) Calendars



Salesforce Support Request Form


Request support or access to Slack

Software Purchase Request

Student Support on the MySAU Portal

Submit a Content Change to a SAU Web Page

Use for pages on MySAU, MySupport, and Changes on are done through the Office of Marketing and Communication.


Toshiba Printers

Toshiba Printers are supported by Toshiba Business Systems


Video Conferencing - Webex and Zoom

Request support or training for platforms such as Zoom and Webex

VLC media player


Windows Computers

Request assistance with a Windows computer.

Wired Networking

SAU supports computers connected to our network via an Ethernet cable (wired connection).

Wireless Networking (Wi-Fi)

SAU supports wireless networking (wi-fi)


Zoom - License Request for Faculty

Zoom is Spring Arbor University's web conferencing tool used on campus and online.